Our history

Our business was founded on the princples of our ancestors who were among the first business men in the region

The history of the Al Masaood family in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi can be traced back as far as 150 years. The Late Masaood Bin Salem Al Muhairbi (May Allah have mercy on him) is remembered fondly as the founder of the family’s business following his achievements in the pearl trade business, once considered one of the most important economic activities in the region.

The family continued their work in this ancient trade until various challenges in the region led to its decline. This change pushed his son, the Late Mohammed Bin Masaood (May Allah have mercy on him) to look elsewhere for business opportunities: first, the opening of a small trading store and later, diversifying into a range of activities which established the foundation of the Al Masaood Group.

Mohammed bin Masaoods & Sons
Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Masaood

The discovery of one of the world’s largest reserves of natural resources rapidly changed the economic landscape of Abu Dhabi and provided a host of new business opportunities to local families. True to their entrepreneurial beginnings, the Al Masaood family pursued the possibilities and, as a result, the Al Masaood Group continues to be involved in many different industries to this day.

Abdulla Al Masaood, encouraged by his earlier experiences in the family business and a desire to venture into new business avenues, established the private company Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons (AMS) in 2009, independent of the Group. Abdulla Masaood & Sons is owned and managed exclusively by H.E. Abdulla Al Masaood and his sons, Humaid and Khalifa Al Masaood. To date, the company has over 15 companies to its name.

While pursuing developments under Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons, the family maintains its commitment to the other enterprises under the Al Masaood Group.

Video: H.E. Abdulla Al Masaood receives Abu Dhabi Award
Abdulla Al Masaood 2013 Abu Dhabi Awards Recipent

His Excellency Abdulla Mohamed Al Masaood, from the United Arab Emirates, is recognised for his tireless charitable efforts in the Emirates, and for his long-standing service to the government of the UAE in the field of foreign service. He has been a committed advisor to the UAE government in his position as Chairman of the National Consultative Council, an important bridge between the public and the country's leadership, and has deepened valued relationships with other countries through his support of cultural, social and business initiatives, both abroad and at home in the UAE. His Excellency's own charitable activities have particularly benefited the country, as well as, its children with countless initiatives devoted to education. He is the Chairman of Abdulla Al Masaood and Sons, one of the UAE's oldest and most respected family businesses. Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood received the Award on behalf of his uncle. - 2013 Abu Dhabi Awards